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Stop overlighting and start cutting your utility bill with the Lightcloud Daylight. This solar-powered wireless sensor can dim or shut off electric lighting when sunlight is sufficient to achieve your desired lighting level. The end result? An incredible 38% average reduction in energy savings for office buildings.

Overlighting is overspending.

Daylight harvesting is an extremely effective energy-saving technique that works by relying on sunlight to illuminate a space whenever possible. Placed near a windowsill or skylight, the compact Lightcloud Daylight will gradually dim the lights as sunlight fills a space, turning the zone off completely as soon as possible. Clouds rolling in? Lights brighten smoothly and automatically. And the end result? An incredible 38% average reduction in energy savings for office buildings.
It’s easy being green.

The sustainable building movement heavily incentivizes the use of smart lighting control strategies like daylight harvesting. Considering LEED certification? You should know that LEED for Interior Design and Construction awards 2 points for introducing daylight harvesting in all spaces that have windows. Plus, since daylight harvesting isn’t required by ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2007, all of the energy savings you reap from this technique translate directly into even more credits!

Never leave money on the table.

Utility companies everywhere are facing the common problem of energy demand outstripping capacity. That’s good news for you: most utilities now offer rebates that substantially offset the cost of a lighting control system. Pop quiz: On average in the United States, what lighting control strategy gives you the biggest rebate? You guessed it: daylight harvesting.

Tech Specs
Color Lightcloud Dark Gray
Input Voltage 120-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Materials Molded Plastic
Weight 78 grams
Dimensions Height: 0.7 inches
Width: 3.5 inches
Depth: 2.8 inches
Warranty 10-year full hardware warranty with 100% repair/replacement coverage for all properly installed devices.
Battery 3.7V Li-ion 800mAh. Contact Lightcloud only for replacement batteries.

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