Yes! Lightcloud is the most secure networked lighting control system. Lightcloud operates completely independently of your corporate network and uses vigorous security protocols.
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Absolutely, Lightcloud can be used to control most fixtures.

Lightcloud is compatible with 0-10V and phase dimming.

No, Lightcloud is cloud-based with multiple redundancies to secure every site and guarantee service.

No, Lightcloud can control individual fixtures or entire circuits. Each circuit must be within the load rating for the Controller being used. For circuits exceeding the the load rating of a Controller, the circuit can be divided into multiple circuits to be used with multiple Controllers or a contactor meeting the load requirements can be used in conjunction with the Controller.

No, Lightcloud is cloud-based with all software being web-based (accessed at — there’s nothing to install. Every system includes 10-years of access to the cloud service and there’s no premium levels to the software.

Lightcloud devices are able to communicate 100′ through standard buildings materials and 1000′ when no obstructions are present. Lightcloud is a mesh network — devices are also able to repeat communications or extend the network to cover almost any distances.

Lightcloud is able to measure the actual power being used by the circuit. Alternatively, Lightcloud is also able to calculate the load of a circuit using a manually entered load wattage. All energy data is saved to the cloud is available as reports viewable in the Web App or downloadable as a PDF or CSV file.

Only Lightcloud devices are able to communicate wirelessly with Lightcloud, however there are two methods to interface with other systems or sensors. Lightcloud is compatible with BACnet and Triggers.

Lightcloud devices each have a configurable power-up state. Lightcloud devices can return to the state they were at before they lost power, turn on, turn off, or go to a dim level.

Lightcloud Dimmers are able to communicate directly with individual Controllers, so Dimmers are able to dim, turn on, or turn off zones without a Gateway.

Lightcloud is automatically backed up in the cloud, so no manual backups are necessary. In the event of a failure, data and settings are all secure and easily recovered.

Gateways are very stable, but in the unlikely situation that a Gateway fails, all site and device settings can easily be transferred to a new Gateway. The transfer of information is handled by Lightcloud Support as long as the site has an active support plan (10-years is included with each system).

The Sensor should be used for closed-loop daylight harvesting (with closed-loop daylight harvesting, the Sensor looks at all of the light in a space and dims the electric light to maintain a configurable foot candle level). The Daylight sensor should be used when open-loop daylight harvesting is desired (open-loop daylight harvesting looks at the natural light in a space and sets electric level to a precise dim-level based on the natural light level). For more help with device choices, please contact Lightcloud Support or request a free lighting design.

RAB’s team of IES certified lighting designers can create a layout for customers or systems can easily be laid out by specifiers (lighting designers, architects and engineers).

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