Design & Layout

Free Lighting and Control Layouts and Energy Audits

Control Requirements

Lightcloud is powerful enough to meet nearly any control requirements. Lighting design will make sure the proper components are selected for zoning and luminaire level control to meet your unique needs and budget.

3D Renderings

Once the design and layout is complete, lighting design can create life-like 3D renderings to see your site before it’s installed.


Need to meet energy code compliance? No problem! With Lightcloud, it’s easy. We make sure your site meets the guidelines for your specific energy codes and regulations. If the codes change, Lightcloud can easily be reconfigured to meet these new demands.

Energy Audits

Lightcloud-controlled LEDs can save up to 88% on your energy bill, and Lightcloud typically pays for itself with 6 months of energy savings. To determine a more precise evaluation of your site’s potential savings, RAB offers free, detailed energy audits and ROI calculations.