Systems Integration

Lightcloud can work with your existing BMS system, sensors, and alarms.

BACnet Integrator for Lightcloud

Three Options for Integration

Lightcloud is the best lighting control system and offers a variety of solutions for nearly every lighting need. We also know it’s important to have a unified experience between all of your building management systems, so Lightcloud makes integration really easy. Integration can be provided in three forms:

Switching: Lightcloud Controllers can be used for non-lighting controls such as powering a water pump on a schedule. Just about any device that can be controlled via a switch can be controlled by Lightcloud.

Triggers: Triggers are perfect for most sites that want to integrate with other systems and don’t require BACnet. Triggers act like a contact closure and Lightcloud reads it like a sensor. Whenever the circuit is powered, Lightcloud will respond to the event with a configurable action such as activating a scene.

BACnet: BACnet is perfect for large buildings with an existing building automation system and allows for Lightcloud to be controlled by other systems on the same BACnet network such as HVAC, alarms, or window shades.