Indoor Luminaire Controller

The Lightcloud Blue Controller lets you convert any compatible 0-10V or dim-to-off LED fixture to a Lightcloud Blue-enabled fixture which can be configured and controlled using the Lightcloud Blue Mobile app.

  • Remotely controlled to enable switching and dimming in any compatible 0-10V dim-to-off LED fixture
  • Direct Connect to the Lightcloud Blue mobile app via Bluetooth, no Gateway or Hub required
  • Max capacity: 1 amp (up to 120W @ 120V; 277W @ 277V)
  • For use in indoor applications in dry or damp environments
  • Manually control a fixture On/Off and dim level using the single Controller button
  • Quickly identify the fixture during commissioning by pressing the Controller button 1x to highlight the device in the Lightcloud Blue mobile app
  • IP20 Rating