The Lightcloud Sensor is a tri-technology motion and daylight sensor that can switch and dim both local and remote circuits. It monitors power consumption, and can send an alert if power is lost. The Sensor is available for both standard and high bay applications. An optional adjustable arm is available for mounting on high bay fixtures.

120V-277VAC up to 15A

Standard Mounting Height (8-12′)

Black: LCSENSE/B | Get Spec Sheet

White: LCSENSE/W | Get Spec Sheet

High Bay (24-45′)

Black: LCSENSE/HB/B | Get Spec Sheet

White: LCSENSE/HB/W | Get Spec Sheet


Arm White: LCSENSE/ACC/A/W | Get Spec Sheet

Arm Black: LCSENSE/ACC/A/K | Get Spec Sheet

Arm and Height Adjuster White: LCSENSE/ACC/AH/W | Get Spec Sheet

Lightcloud Gateway required.